Millenium Falcon Sled by Sean Murray

She’s got it where it counts

It’s no longer winter, despite what the weather’s been like lately, but this Millenium Falcon sled looks like a REAL cool idea if you’ve got little kids. Dad of the winter award definitely goes to this guy.

Millenium Falcon Sled

Each year, my work puts on a Winter Carnival. Each section forms a team and selects a theme for themselves. This year, I decided to put a team together and we chose Star Wars as our theme. One of the events is a Human Dogsled Race using team-built sleighs. As the Team Captain, I took on the task of creating the ultimate sled: The Millennium Falcon. Everyone seemed to like the finished product, but the best part for me was being able to play Star Wars with my daughter. The sled is made entirely of cardboard and mounted to a plastic toboggan underneath.

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