Cutest Star Wars Cake Ever!

The other day I shared an amazing Super Mario Bros cake. But today I’ve just seen the cutest Star Wars cake ever!

It’s like the Muppet Babies and Star Wars decided to get together for a mashup and then made a cake together! There’s a death star playground, and baby Han, Chewy and even a little Lord Vader. Too cute! Not to mention the droids and ewoks around the base 🙂 But I think the highlight is the teeny tiny yoda doll the crying chewbacca’s carrying. It’s really well done.

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Star Wars Cake

About a month ago my friend Amanda (yes, of the amazingly awesome Amanda Rose Photography) decided she wanted to have a “Star Wars” party for her son’s first birthday. On a coolness level of 1 to 10…this is about a billion. So naturally I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this theme.

Ladies and Jedi, I give you…

Baby “Star Wars” Episode 1: The Playground Menace!!

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