Lord of the Rings Archive

7 Mar 2016

Lord of the Rings Monopoly Board by Sonja Batusic

It’s no secret, I absolutely love playing board games. But when it comes to monopoly, I almost unequivocally refuse to play. It lasts too long, and by the end everybody usually hates each other. That being said,
21 Nov 2014

Eye of Sauron Pendant by Paul the DIY Guy

I am a HUGE fan of the whole Lord of the Rings / Hobbit series. I grew up reading the books, and have been able to see all of the films since the beginning… even the craptacular
21 Mar 2014

Lord of the Rings – Glow in the Dark Cross-Stitch by Pickelpants

Lord of the Rings – Mines of Moria This craft is a must do for any fan of Lord of the Rings! The classic entrance to the great Mines of Moria with the words “Speak Friend and
27 Feb 2013

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Posters – Fan Art

These Lord of the Rings/Hobbit posters are super cool, and pretty reasonably priced. The only thing I’d like is if there were slightly different backgrounds, both texture and tint/colour. That being said, they’re still pretty awesome. The