Easy DIY Star Wars pillow case prints

This is a neat way to make some cool prints on pretty much whatever kind of surface you want. Pillows, bags, t-shirts, whatever. And they’re extra nerdy because these ones happen to be star wars prints.

I’m pretty sure you can find a stencil for whatever kind of nerdy floats your boat though.

DIY Star Wars Prints

I made these Star Wars pillow cases using this freezer stencil method (and oh man is it easy and addictive!) and some stencils for pumpkin carving I found online. There are TONS of those pumpkin carving stencils in every theme imaginable so I’m sure I’ll be asked to do some Harry Potter ones soon enough!

Basically you iron your shirt/pillowcase whatever, print out your design on freezer paper , cut out with an exacto knife, iron the pattern on shiny side down with the DRY setting of your iron, paint with fabric paint (with cardboard under the fabric), lift off freezer paper when dry, heat set with the iron, and there you go!

Some in progress pictures ( the circles at the bottom of the pic on the right were supposed to have white in the middle but I messed up so made them all black – he won’t notice 😉

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