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22 Jul 2014

Adventure Time Amigurumi by LucyRavenscar

When it comes to awesome Amigurumi crafts, LucyRavenscar is one of the best. She makes all sorts of crazy neat nerdy dolls. I’ve already highlighted her Dalek and Ewok dolls, and now it’s time to show off
17 Jul 2013

Adventure Time Papercrafts by Emily McLain

Oh. My. Glob! These Adventure Time papercrafts are incredible. They really capture the characters bang on, and look simple enough that it looks like they could be done super quick. I’ll definitely have to send a request
2 Apr 2013

Adventure Time Easter Eggs by foxtopus-jones

I think Adventure Time is one of the best new (to me) cartoons I’ve seen in a long time. Super strange, and although it doesn’t necessarily seem right for kids to watch it sometimes, there’s never anything