Paper Crafts Archive

25 Mar 2016

DIY Boss Monster Insert by Allhailskippy

This Boss Monster Insert is the Boss ‚ÄčIf you own a copy of both Boss Monster 1 and Boss Monster 2, then you’ll know that once you mix up all the cards, you’re left with a game
3 Sep 2013

Mass Effect Papercraft by Ray Taylor

I’ve done a papercraft or two before, and have a pretty good idea of the amount of time they can suck out of you.. but even knowing this, I can only imagine how much time and effort
16 Mar 2013

Zelda Life Size Papercraft by Minidelirium

What takes 226 hours, is the coolest thing I’ve seen this month (and I’ve been looking for cool things) and was given to a stranger for free by a deviant artist? A life-sized zelda paper craft of
1 Mar 2013

Origami Jedi Master Yoda – Fumiaki Kawahata

Like origami? Like Star Wars? I’ve got just the thing for you. Origami Yoda. If you’ve got a 1/2 hour to spend to see something amazing, then I highly recommend you watch this video. If not, I’d
21 Feb 2013

8-bit Popup Cards

Have you ever wanted to make a simple, but cool 8-bit card, but didn’t know how? Well with this tutorial, you can learn. It looks super simple, and as long as you have a steady hand and
20 Feb 2013

Hawken Assault Mech

I’ve got a lot of respect for anybody who’s able to not only build, but design a papercraft. Having made a Cylon Raider from BSG myself, I know just how patient you have to be to put