R2D2 Yarn Bomb by Sarah Rudder

R2D2 Yarn Bomb

R2D2 Yarn Bomb

I’ve seen a few Yarn bombs before. The only one that comes to mind is the time the bull got yarn bombed on Wall St but the R2D2 Yarn Bomb that Sarah Rudder made is definitely the nerdiest!

R2D2 Knitting Bomb

With some simple geometry, and her own custom pattern, Sarah has managed to turn a concrete pole into a pretty decent R2D2 replica. And although the cover is knit to last, it sounds like it’s only brought out on certain occasions, and definitely tucked away somewhere safe during College graduation times.

R2D2 Yarn Bomb with Sarah Rudder

On March 16, 2012, I “cast on” my very own knitted R2D2 slipcover. There are plenty of R2D2 hat and toy patterns on Ravelry.com (@ravelry), a great pattern site for knitting and crochet, but nothing was near this scale. (For any who would like to recreate this project, I’m happy to share the makeshift pattern you see on my iPad in the Instagram photos below.) Basically, I had to create a tube 56″ around, 23″ high, and then curve into a dome over about 14″. It was a tricky bit of math, but nothing harder than freshman geometry. I ended up using just about 1200 yards of yarn.

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