Monthly Archive:: April 2013

17 Apr 2013

Gun Prop Game Room by Andrew Cook

This is pretty crazy. Andrew Cook has decorated his gaming room with all kinds of gun props from different video games. There’s some guns from Halo and Mass Effect, and it looks like a couple of swords
17 Apr 2013

Geeky Knitted Pillows Collection

These Geeky pillows are one of the few acceptable reasons to have more than one pillow per person on your bed. This collection of different pillows from around the internet features lots of different kinds of geek.
17 Apr 2013

Official Star Wars Crafts

Like Star Wars? Got a kid? Want to make a craft? At all three come together in an offical way. They’ve got finger puppets, paper crafts, a piƱata and of course, a chewbacca sock puppet! Everyone
10 Apr 2013

How to Sew Pixel Art by Lunatrix

If you ever want to make your own pixel art out of fabric, but weren’t sure exactly how to make that happen, then Lunatrix has got you covered. These step by step instructions are pretty clear and
10 Apr 2013

Autobot Transformer Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks

It’s neither a robot, nor in disguise, but this autobot transformer ukulele is still super cool. Personally I’ve always been a bigger fan of the decepticon logo, but I’ve got a soft spot for cartoon villains. They
9 Apr 2013

Lego Dante’s Inferno by Mihai Mihu

LEGO is pretty typically geared towards children, however this gallery depicting the nine levels of hell in Dante’s inferno isn’t exactly kids material. Each picture represents a level of hell including: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy,
9 Apr 2013

Creating Costume Armor with Wonderflex by Volpin

A while back I shared a post on how to make helmets from video games. Well volpin from instructables has done it again, and done a fantastic instructable on how to make costume armor out of wonderflex
8 Apr 2013

Donkey Kong Mashups by Baznet

I’ve been on a bit of an adventure time kick lately, and this Donkey Kong mashup strikes me as being just the right mix of new and retro. If you like it, or want to see more,
8 Apr 2013

Wicket the Ewok amigurumi pattern by LucyRavenscar

Who didn’t love the ewoks as a kid? I can still remember the theme song. The E-E-E-E-Eeeewoks. Well if you’d like your very own, you can make one using lucyravenscar’s pattern. Available on ravelry. A few years
5 Apr 2013

Easy DIY Star Wars pillow case prints

This is a neat way to make some cool prints on pretty much whatever kind of surface you want. Pillows, bags, t-shirts, whatever. And they’re extra nerdy because these ones happen to be star wars prints. I’m