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27 Aug 2014

Samus Aran Art

One of my all time favourite games for the SNES is Super Metroid. It’s a great platformer puzzle game, and depending on how quickly you beat it, you different endings. Which is when I found out for
30 Jul 2013

Metroid Parasite Pendant by CriticalHitShop

Super duper Metroid Parasite Pendant. If you’re looking for the perfect trophy to represent your victory over the little life suckers than look no further. These metroid parasite pendants are available for custom order, so I have
10 May 2013

iPhone Cases – Iconic Characters by GamerPrint

I don’t personally own an iPhone (I’m currently stuck with a BlackBerry for a bit), but if I did, this is exactly the type of case I’d want for it. Lots of protection, and some serious geek