Gigantic Star Wars Lego AT-AT

The folks over at YouTube channel BrickVault have put together a crazy large Star Wars Lego AT-AT based on Peter Brookdale’s design. Weighing in at 6,000 pieces with a build time of 26 hours, this beast is a monster. I thought putting the Millennium Falcon or even the Simpsons House was hard, I can’t even begin to imagine the patience needed to put this bad boy together.

I wish I had the space and money to put one of these bad boys together in my own house. So very cool!

Based on an original custom model by Peter Brookdale, the folks at YouTube’s BrickVault used the designer’s instructions to buy every single one of those 6,000+ pieces from BrickLink, and then filmed a 26-hour long timelapse of themselves assembling it.

Star Wars Lego AT-AT

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