C3P0 Wedding Ring by Paul Bierker

A C3P0 Wedding Ring. Oh my!

Earlier this year I showed you a BSG engagement ring. If you’ve passed the engagement, and are moving on to the wedding stage, or just happen to be getting married any time in the near future and are looking for a Star Wars themed wedding ring, then I’ve got just the thing for you!

This design by Paul Bierker doesn’t come cheap, but if you’ve got between $1500-$3500 available to spend on that special someone you may want to consider getting one of these super nifty rings.

C3P0 Wedding Ring

Last November, we told you about the incredible R2-D2 engagement ring New Jersey tattoo artist Joe Pagani made for his girlfriend, Emily. When it came time for Pagani to choose his own ring for his wedding last month, he continued the “Star Wars” theme — with a C-3PO-inspired band.

Pagani asked the same jewelry designer who created the R2-D2 ring, CustomMade artist Paul Bieker, to craft the C-3PO ring, which features circles and parallel lines reminiscent of the “Star Wars” droid. Bieker also created a band to match Emily’s engagement ring.

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