Adventure Time Easter Eggs by foxtopus-jones

I think Adventure Time is one of the best new (to me) cartoons I’ve seen in a long time. Super strange, and although it doesn’t necessarily seem right for kids to watch it sometimes, there’s never anything on it that I wouldn’t want my kid to see.

Having just been through easter, I thought that these eggs were super appropriate. If I’m still watching the show next year, I may have to give these a shot.

Adventure Time Eggs

Could NOT figure out how to classify this…. I don’t think Easter eggs fall under a listed type of media up there! So I stuck it in fan art, because I guess it sort of is! Well anyway, the obvious: I love making themed Easter eggs (I don’t use dye anymore, I just Sharpie ’em) and this year it’s my favorite show, ADVENTURE TIME! Finn, Jake, PB, and LSP. Wish I could have done more but I am sleepy.

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