Adventure Time Amigurumi by LucyRavenscar

When it comes to awesome Amigurumi crafts, LucyRavenscar is one of the best. She makes all sorts of crazy neat nerdy dolls. I’ve already highlighted her Dalek and Ewok dolls, and now it’s time to show off her Adventure Time amigurumi!

I do love me some Adventure Time, so I’m game for seeing crafts people make out of the show in pretty much any capacity, but these adorable little guys are some of the best crochet dolls I’ve seen so far.

Adventure Time Amigurumi

I recently started watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network UK with my boys (I only just found out we could get it on our subscription). It’s a great show, suitable for kids (maybe not very young ones) and adults – the humour’s fun and weird but not mean. It’s set in a colourful, fantastical post-apocalyptic world with Finn, a 12/13 year old boy (the only human we know of) and Jake the dog, who is capable of stretching or shrinking to almost any size or shape. They have all sorts of adventures – Finn is pretty handy with a sword – and sing cute little songs.

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