Star Wars Saga Cross Stitch by Aled Lewis

Star Wars Saga Cross Stitch

I can only imagine how long this took to design and make, but I’m certain that it wasn’t overnight. This star wars saga cross stitch is 30 feet long and just over a foot high and covers the first 6 Star Wars movies.

Of course if you’re a superfan and happen to have an extra $20,000 lying around to be spent on some crazy art, then it’s also for sale.

A hand-stitched cotton thread on 30 foot of continuous length of 7 stitch per inch Klostern fabric. Stiffened with a thin batting and hemmed with a custom-made printed pixel star farbric on rear. This cross-stitch tapestry depicts the Star Wars saga (so far) from Episode 1 through Episode 6. Quotes from each movie are written in Aurebesh on the surrounding border. Chanelling the Bayeux Tapestry.

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