South Park Crochet Patterns by AradiyaToys

South Park Crochet

Oh my god you guys. You crocheted Kenny! You b@$sterds! Or you can, if you get your hands on these South Park crochet patterns by AradiyaToys.

South park has been on for AGES, and it’s one of the few TV shows that I completely forget that I enjoy until I put on on episode. Or lately, play the video game. Side note: if you love South Park and you haven’t played the Stick of Truth yet, what are you waiting for? It’s hilarious! It’s like being able to control the TV show. Seriously. It’s amazeballs. You should get it now!

English pattern designed by AradiyaToys. Includes step-by-step instructions to make Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

Skills necessary: chain, slip stitch, double crochet, treble crochet, half double crochet, increase, invisible decrease, crochet BLO and FLO
Measurement: 3 inches (7,5 cm) when made with the indicated yarn.

You are allowed to sell finished items made with this pattern provided you credit AradiyaToys for the design and link to her website.

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