Dalek Amigurumi by LucyRavenscar

I have already covered an Ewok pattern by LucyRavenscar before. This time she’s done a super cool looking Dalek Amigurumi pattern. They may be bent on universal conquest and domination, but when they’re 7″ tall and made of yarn, they’re not so intimidating.

Dalek Amigurumi

I’m a long time fan of Doctor Who – I started watching Jon Pertwee in the 1970s when I was very little, and I’ve loved it ever since, old series and new. The Daleks are a brilliant creation, scary and iconic, and I just had to crochet them. I made three a few years back, two for swaps and one for a present, but I never made any for myself. With the new season of Doctor Who just starting (and with the first episode featuring a selection of different types of Daleks) I knew I had to make them again.

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