Ocarina of Time Soap by DigitalSoaps

Looking for the nerdiest way to get clean? Then be sure to check out this Ocarina of Time Soap by DigitalSoaps! It looks so much like the original Nintendo 64 cartridge that I can’t easily tell the difference. It looks amazing, and I have no doubt that it also smells pretty good too!

I absolutely love the fact that it’s gold all the way down 🙂 While you’re over at their Etsy page, be sure to check out their other soaps too, since there’s a BUNCH of other games you can get from them!

Ocarina of Time Soap

Developed at DigitalSoaps after years of customer requests, this N64 replica soap looks just like the real thing. Trick your friends and your enemies. Now, in gold!!

A few notes about gold soap: The very bright gold does rub off when handled or used. I did make it gold all the way through, but it will be duller after its first use.

Scented with Peppermint Sandalwood fragrance oil.

Made by the original inventor of gamer, gadget, tech and geek soap, DigitalSoaps. Featured in GamePro, GamesMaster, GEE Magazine, Forbes.com, Wired UK, Liberating Style, Micro Hebdo and Trendy One Magazine.

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