Woodgrain Atari 2600

Wooden Atari 2600How do you take something that’s already pretty retro, and make it have that “vintage” feel to it? Make it out of wood of course.

That’s exactly what retro_mood has done with his ebay auction.

Retro for me will always be the Intellivision. But that’s just because the place I used to be at had one, and I got to play the original Dungeons and Dragons game for it. I remember vividly how frustrating it was. I’ve got so far as to get my own, non-wooden, copy of it and play it on the intellivision since. It’s just as hard now that I’ve got a few decades of video gaming under my belt as it was when I was a wee lad.

But I digress. If the Atari was your thing, and you have $1240 handy to just throw about, you may be interested in checking out retro_mood’s ebay auction. If not, you can do like I’m doing, and just admiring the craftsmanship that when into such a unique piece of history.

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