Zelda Bottle Opener by 8BitMetal

If the legend of Zelda games were a person, they’d be way old enough to drink by now. And what else would they use but a Zelda Bottle opener of course!

These cool looking hand crafted pieces of functional art are super duper cool looking, and can open even the toughest bad guy.. err bottle. I may have to add this to my christmas wish list!

Zelda Bottle Opener

Bonus Action Shot:

A drink to the past. This is no ordinary bottle opener. Each bottle opener is hand finished and unique, guaranteeing no two bottle openers will look exactly alike. The sword also makes an excellent point to puncture cans for shot-gunning beers. It is made out of 10 gauge steel so that it won’t bend or break (unless you take a hammer to it or try to bend it on purpose, don’t be a dick) and coated in acrylic enamel to prevent rust. Also a quick note about the reds/blues the colors will vary, not all of them will look like the ones in the pictures, some will have more gold color shine through or purples, but then again that just adds to the uniqueness of each bottle opener.

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