Ramona Flowers Star Purse by Toenolla

I was asked a long time ago if I would make a Ramona Flowers Star purse. I’ve always been meaning to get to it, but it looks like it’s already been made. And a super cool version of it too!

The stars on this bag are replaceable, so feel free to create a star for every outfit!

I haven’t tried it out myself, but if the comments are any indication, it’s a solid pattern for this purse, and the stars really are swappable.

Ramona Flowers Star Purse

Now YOU can make your own top-quality Ramona Flowers bag from the same pattern I use to make Haley’s Starbags! I set out to make the world’s best pattern for this design, and one that’s simple to get right every time.

(Difficulty: Medium. Bag is 12″ in diameter.)

PDF download comes with complete instructions, including:
– How to add pockets for your tablet, phone, pens, earbuds and other gear!
– How to cover your bag strap to match your fabric!
– How to change your star to any color or pattern on the fly!
– How to add giant cartoon piping to the edge of your bag!

Digital file delivered on payment.

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