Creating Costume Armor with Wonderflex by Volpin

A while back I shared a post on how to make helmets from video games. Well volpin from instructables has done it again, and done a fantastic instructable on how to make costume armor out of wonderflex

There’s a lot of details and suggestions on what to do, and how to do it. So it should prove a super useful set of guidelines for anyone looking to make their own set of cosplay armor.

Costume Armor with Wonderflex

While 90% of the armor in this tutorial will be comprised of Wonderflex, it’s important to know that the best results come from using a myriad of materials. Wonderflex is a very capable material, but there are certain limitations to what you can accomplish with it. I’ll also be using other materials to accent and enhance the appearance of the basic forms, and these will be called out and linked when appropriate.

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