DIY Comic Book Lampshade

When it comes to making projects using decoupage. Mod podge is really where it’s at. You can use that stuff on pretty much anything! I’ve used it myself for a few projects. I’ve made some comic book shoes and my latest Geek & Sundry vlog I made a custom book with it. It turns out you can modify your own furniture too! Audrey has put together a great how-to on how to make your very own comic book lampshade!

DIY Comic Book Lampshade

Today’s post is about a fun project that I did involving old scraps of comic books and mod podge. My interest in decoupage stems from when I was a young girl cutting up magazines and pasting pictures of celebrities to my tiny guitar case. These days, I’m using Mod Podge instead of Elmer’s glue and comic book scraps instead of J-14 magazine clippings. (Does anyone remember those? Are they still around?)

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