Rubik’s Companion Cube by Stephen Granade

As a gamer who’s never played Portal (I get crazy motion sickness on games with cameras that move to quick). I don’t really have much to say about the Rubik’s Companion Cube. It looks neat, but sadly I’ve got no idea what a companion cube is, or how to use it.

However, this tutorial can basically turn into a “how to make any rubik’s cube you want”, since you don’t have to stick with any particular pattern when printing out your new stickers. Perhaps one day I’ll make a super mario question mark box one.

In any case, if Portal’s your thing, and you want a handy rubik’s cube to go with it. This is the craft for you!

Rubik's Companion Cube

I know the cube loves me because, no matter how I turn it, it’s always solved.

  1. 11 years ago

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