Pacman and Ghost Crochet by Penelope Bulnick

I recently made my own stab at making some Pacman and Ghosts craft. But where mine was cute and soft, these are super cute and tiny. Plus they’ve got movable eyes, how awesome is that.

Pacman and Ghosts Crochet

Did you know you could play Pacman for free? I tried it out, and it works just like pacman is supposed to. Which means it kicks my rear every time I play it.

Also, make sure to check out some more of Penelope’s Instructables. There’s a LOT of them to choose from.

Pac-Man and his ghosts! This started as a project to just crochet Pac-Man. Then this expanded to making the ghosts, then to making the ghosts with movable eyes, and lastly to adding in covers to make the ghosts switch to dark blue. I am most pleased with how the ghosts turned out. Hope you enjoy!

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