Space Invaders Bag by Pootlebeetle

Got a love of space invaders? Then check out this cool crochet bag made by Pootlebeetle over at

I’ve been thinking about what to do with all my sewing gear, and I may do something along these lines to fill that need. Perhaps something out of plastic canvas instead though.

Space Invaders Crochet Bag

Thank you it was definitely a labour of love.
There isn’t really a pattern. I simply copied one of the invaders onto squared paper (I have done others in excel).
Each “pixel” is an individually crocheted square.
I then sewed them all together. The back and strap were then made as two separate pieces.
I sewed in a lining and backed the strap so it wouldn’t all stretch with use.
I used some acrylic I had left over and the stitch is all double crochet. With single crochet for the red edging.

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