Hand Made Lightsaber

I’ve always wanted my very own hand made lightsaber, and now I can have it! Kind of. Obviously it isn’t an exact copy of on screen blades wielded by Jedi’s. But it IS capable of dealing some serious damage.. to paper. And cardboard. And tape. And chances are it’d probably leave a nasty mark if it sat on skin for too long.

So I’ll definitely have to keep waiting for the “real” thing to come along, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Before you ask, he’s definitely not selling them (since that’s not legal), but they are legal to own in the U.S.A.

Hand Made Lightsaber

Here it is in action:

As demonstrated in the above video, the laser doesn’t vwingggaround as it moves through the air like a true lightsaber, nor does it start instantly or cleanly slice everything in half. However, the laser saber does quickly burn a hole through and set fire to most things put into its path, including paper, electrical tape, cardboard, a ping pong ball, and a thin wooden splint.

The laser even pushes along a little toy car that runs on solar power, which won’t strike fear into the hearts of Jedi across the universe, but will maybe distract them long enough to sneak in some Force lightning.

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