Wood Craft Archive

3 Apr 2016

Moraff’s Stones the Board Game by CrazyClever

Taking DOS Based Moraff’s Stones Offline I’ve never heard of Moraff’s stones before I ran across this instructable, so I’m not sure how true to the original CrazyClever has managed to get┬átheir conversion. Regardless, it’s a very
30 Mar 2016

Fan made TARDIS Control room by Todd

This TARDIS Control room really is bigger on the inside As far as TARDIS’s go, there’s only a few ways fans typically make them. And that’s a big or small blue box that goes somewhere. What isn’t
11 Mar 2016

Inception Table by Stelios Mousarris

While it looks a bit like an upside down toboggan, this Inception table is one of the coolest and for sure one of the most intricate tables I’ve ever seen. While clearly inspired by the movie Inception,
8 Mar 2016

Doctor Who TARDIS Cat Fort

As a lover of both Doctor Who and Cats, this TARDIS cat fort has to be one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a long time. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s practical
7 Mar 2016

Lord of the Rings Monopoly Board by Sonja Batusic

It’s no secret, I absolutely love playing board games. But when it comes to monopoly, I almost unequivocally refuse to play. It lasts too long, and by the end everybody usually hates each other. That being said,
20 Aug 2013

Star Wars Deck Chairs by Amberle Linnea

If you’re looking for a nice relaxing place to spend a weekend out on Tatooine or as close as your cottage, then look no further. This is the droid and storm trooper Star Wars deck chairs you’re
18 Jul 2013

DIY Wood Comic Cover by kevinmakes

If I ever get access to a laser cutter I may give this DIY wood comic book cover craft a try. Of course if I did, I’d probably end up making a version of Spawn, #1. I
10 Apr 2013

Autobot Transformer Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks

It’s neither a robot, nor in disguise, but this autobot transformer ukulele is still super cool. Personally I’ve always been a bigger fan of the decepticon logo, but I’ve got a soft spot for cartoon villains. They
5 Apr 2013

Giant NES Controller by Thisissafety

Looking for a way to force playing Super Mario Bros. two player? Well look no further. Thisissafety over at instructables has made some instructions on how to make a Giant NES Controller for you and your friends.
2 Apr 2013

Living room TARDIS by RelativeDimensions

This is a pretty neat build of a TARDIS for the living room. It’s even bigger on the inside, since it’s back is built onto the doorway of the next room. Soon after I began the console,