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19 Aug 2014

Baby Groot Crochet Pattern

Ok, so it seems like I’m the only nerd on the block who hasn’t actually seen the latest offering from the Marvel franchise, the Guardians of the Galaxy. But what’s been unavoidable is the amount of love
1 Aug 2014

DIY Comic Book Lampshade

When it comes to making projects using decoupage. Mod podge is really where it’s at. You can use that stuff on pretty much anything! I’ve used it myself for a few projects. I’ve made some comic book
15 Jul 2014

Superhero Sundial by HomeMadeGameGuru

This Superhero sundial is a pretty simple, and yet super cool way to tell time! Made primarily from cardboard, this sundial showcases a pair of awesome heroines on a pedestal coated in comics. This is a great
3 Sep 2013

Ramona Flowers Star Purse by Toenolla

I was asked a long time ago if I would make a Ramona Flowers Star purse. I’ve always been meaning to get to it, but it looks like it’s already been made. And a super cool version
22 Aug 2013

Thor Hammer Bookend by Urban Collector

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR! If you’re like me, you’ve got at least a book or two. What better way to hold them up by putting an immovable
18 Jul 2013

DIY Wood Comic Cover by kevinmakes

If I ever get access to a laser cutter I may give this DIY wood comic book cover craft a try. Of course if I did, I’d probably end up making a version of Spawn, #1. I