Potential Future Projects Archive

10 Apr 2013

How to Sew Pixel Art by Lunatrix

If you ever want to make your own pixel art out of fabric, but weren’t sure exactly how to make that happen, then Lunatrix has got you covered. These step by step instructions are pretty clear and
16 Mar 2013

Creating Helmets and Armor from Videogames for Fun and Profit!

I’m going to file this one under “I have to do this some time soon”. I recently finished skyrim. Or at least 95% of skyrim thanks to one bad decision on the daedric quests, and deciding not
20 Feb 2013

Tetris Shelves

I don’t have a workshop, but I would LOVE to make a video on making these shelves. They look absolutely incredible. I can picture what they would look like as my new video background as well. It