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27 Mar 2016

Han Solo’s Lego Blaster Pistol by Captain Infinity

This LEGO Blaster Pistol definitely shot first I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love LEGO stuff, and I love when lego stuff crosses over into my other fandoms. This LEGO blaster pistol created by
21 Mar 2016

Giant Lego Darth Vader

This Lego Darth Vader takes the mini out of the mini-fig SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. As a fan of both Star Wars, and Lego, I love seeing both mixed together. I’m still working on getting that 100%
10 Mar 2016

Gigantic Star Wars Lego AT-AT

The folks over at YouTube channel BrickVault have put together a crazy large Star Wars Lego AT-AT based on Peter Brookdale’s design. Weighing in at 6,000 pieces with a build time of 26 hours, this beast is
4 Mar 2016

DIY Lego Dimensions Case

Lego Dimensions Case I’ve recently started playing the latest game in the series of Lego games, LEGO Dimensions. It’s incredibly fun, and I’ve been collecting all of the figurines as they’ve come out, which left me with
7 May 2015

Lego Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art by Eric Harshbarger

As a fan of both Lego, and Dungeons & Dragons, this craft makes me especially happy. Eric Harshbarger has put together a ridiculously large mosaic version of the original Basic Dungeons & Dragons artwork using over 50,000
26 Aug 2014

Battlestar Lego Ship

I’ve recently started re-watching BSG, and am just as impressed with the series the second time around. I’m also just catching up on Caprica as I go, so I’m starting to put a couple of theories together
24 Jul 2014

Insane Star Wars Lego X-Wing

I love Star Wars, and I love Lego. I even have a couple Star Wars Lego kits in the house. But I will never have such a crazy awesome thing as this incredible Star Wars Lego X-Wing.
6 May 2013

Adventure Time Lego Proposal by Jazlecraz

Adventure Time Lego set? Yes please! I don’t know if this will ever happen, but you can add your own vote to turn this idea into a real product at the LEGO Cuusoo page. These are two
2 Mar 2013

Super Mario Bros – Fish Tank

I am not a fish person in the slightest. I had one, the I got another one, and they both died. That’s about the extent of my fish owning experience. Seeing this video made me consider (albeit
22 Feb 2013

LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters

Lego was a HUGE part of my childhood and a pretty big part of my adult life. I even made one of my early video’s, before I got into How-To’s and crafting, about playing with 10lb of