Star Wars Archive

27 Mar 2016

Han Solo’s Lego Blaster Pistol by Captain Infinity

This LEGO Blaster Pistol definitely shot first I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love LEGO stuff, and I love when lego stuff crosses over into my other fandoms. This LEGO blaster pistol created by
21 Mar 2016

Giant Lego Darth Vader

This Lego Darth Vader takes the mini out of the mini-fig SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. As a fan of both Star Wars, and Lego, I love seeing both mixed together. I’m still working on getting that 100%
18 Mar 2016

Star Wars themed baby room

Star Wars themed baby room is out of this world In order to get the little ones ready for a lifetime of geekdom correctly, you can take a page out of Carissa XY’s book and create a
10 Mar 2016

Gigantic Star Wars Lego AT-AT

The folks over at YouTube channel BrickVault have put together a crazy large Star Wars Lego AT-AT based on Peter Brookdale’s design. Weighing in at 6,000 pieces with a build time of 26 hours, this beast is
30 Oct 2014

Star Wars Trick or Treat Bags

Looking for a way to spice up your kids Trick or Treat bag? Then look no further. These trick or treat bags are sure to complete any Star Wars costume you’ve got. Halloween is around the corner,
29 Jul 2014

Cutest Star Wars Cake Ever!

The other day I shared an amazing Super Mario Bros cake. But today I’ve just seen the cutest Star Wars cake ever! It’s like the Muppet Babies and Star Wars decided to get together for a mashup
24 Jul 2014

Insane Star Wars Lego X-Wing

I love Star Wars, and I love Lego. I even have a couple Star Wars Lego kits in the house. But I will never have such a crazy awesome thing as this incredible Star Wars Lego X-Wing.
19 Jun 2014

Chewbacca Seat Belt by TheCommonRoom

Who doesn’t want to drive in style! This Chewbacca seat belt not only looks awesome, it saves lives! Ok, so it doesn’t REALLY save lives, but it can still look super cool over the thing that does
26 Mar 2014

DIY Wampa Head Trophy

Like the backwoods cabin decor, but don’t want to slay your own buck? Well this might be just the thing you need! This DIY tutorial will walk you through the process of creating your very own wall
25 Mar 2014

Star Wars Saga Cross Stitch by Aled Lewis

I can only imagine how long this took to design and make, but I’m certain that it wasn’t overnight. This star wars saga cross stitch is 30 feet long and just over a foot high and covers