DIY Wood Comic Cover by kevinmakes

Wood Panel Comic

If I ever get access to a laser cutter I may give this DIY wood comic book cover craft a try. Of course if I did, I’d probably end up making a version of Spawn, #1. I don’t know why, but it’s probably one of my all time favourite comic book cover.

The actual process looks pretty tricky, involving creating a vector image in either GIMP or CorelDRAW (for his laser cutter) and using different kinds of wood. But the finished product looks so incredibly slick that it might be worth learning how to do all that to get one.

Originally I was going to laser etch the Amazing Fantasy cover into a solid piece of wood and then stain it different colors. Not only would that have been even more tedious and time consuming, once stain touches wood it is difficult to remove, thus allowing little room for error. I wanted something that would really pop and catch your eye on the wall so I altered the design to be three-dimensional. This was achieved by laying various species of wood veneer on top of balsa wood to give the illustrations depth, and then finally attaching all of the pieces to a solid wood board that can be mounted and displayed on a wall or bookshelf

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