Lego Dungeons and Dragons Cover Art by Eric Harshbarger

Lego D&D Art

As a fan of both Lego, and Dungeons & Dragons, this craft makes me especially happy. Eric Harshbarger has put together a ridiculously large mosaic version of the original Basic Dungeons & Dragons artwork using over 50,000 pieces of lego in 20 different colours. He says it took him about 2 months, but I’ll just assume that he’s already super fast at making these, because that means on average, he added a thousand bricks to it.

If you’re looking for more of Erics’ work, be sure to check out his portfolio. He’s got a LOT of different projects he’s worked on over the years. Very impressive.

I had been toying with the idea of creating a mosaic of this image for a long time, and when I finally bit the bullet, I decided to GO BIG. The final mural is 75″ wide by 90″ tall. It uses over 50,000 pieces (clicked onto 30 extra large gray LEGO baseplates). Twenty different colors of bricks are used. This was actually the first personal LEGO project I had worked on in about four years (not since the Samford Hall sculpture). It took me about two months from start to finish (let’s not talk about how much the materials actually cost…)

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