Insane Star Wars Lego X-Wing

I love Star Wars, and I love Lego. I even have a couple Star Wars Lego kits in the house. But I will never have such a crazy awesome thing as this incredible Star Wars Lego X-Wing. It took 32 builders 17,000 hours to build. Which at an average of just over 531 hours would take each of them over 13 full time work weeks to complete. Now that’s dedication. It’s built to the scale in the movies and has 5.3 million bricks! Which if I’ve done my math right means that it should cost about as much as the US military spends in a year. Ok, maybe not quite that much, but I’m sure that 5.3 million lego bricks doesn’t come cheap.

I wish I could have been in NYC when it was on display.

Star Wars Lego X-Wing

“Just as kids love to test and hone their LEGO building skills and imaginative storytelling, our LEGO Master Builders are always testing their creative skills to top their last larger-than-life-sized creations,” said LEGO’s brand relations director Michael McNally.

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