DIY Archive

22 Jul 2013

Woodgrain Laptop by Fine and Feathered

I’m always on the lookout for neat things to do with my laptop. I’d love to have something, but I’m never sure what I’d like well enough to actually add some stickers to it. This woodgrain cover
19 Jul 2013

How to Bind a Book by DiResta

Have you ever wanted to bind your own book? I have! And now I know. Kind of. I have no idea what all of the materials were that they used, but the process looks surprisingly simple. I
18 Jul 2013

DIY Wood Comic Cover by kevinmakes

If I ever get access to a laser cutter I may give this DIY wood comic book cover craft a try. Of course if I did, I’d probably end up making a version of Spawn, #1. I
17 Jul 2013

Venom Makup – SniperLyLa

All time best superman villain Venom is one of my all time favourite super villains. I’ve always been partial to black as a colour, and when he turned spiderman from a red suit to a black suit,
10 May 2013

Boba Fett Lamp by Major League Mods

As a Boba Fett fan as a kid, I would have loved to have had a Boba Fett Lamp in my room. Sadly, this tutorial was never around, and there wasn’t anywhere to buy one either. Fortunately
16 Mar 2013

R2-D2 Heels – These are the shoes you’re looking for

Who wouldn’t love a pair of R2D2 heels? Oh wait. I wouldn’t, since being a fella who isn’t into wearing lady’s footwear. Although I got no problems if you want to. More power to you. These shoes