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16 Jul 2014

Superhero Bath Towels by Kati

These hooded superhero bath towels would make the perfect craft for getting kids excited to actually go have bath. If you’ve got a child who just hates it when it’s time to go get clean, you can
14 Jul 2014

South Park Crochet Patterns by AradiyaToys

Oh my god you guys. You crocheted Kenny! You b@$sterds! Or you can, if you get your hands on these South Park crochet patterns by AradiyaToys. South park has been on for AGES, and it’s one of
26 Mar 2014

DIY Wampa Head Trophy

Like the backwoods cabin decor, but don’t want to slay your own buck? Well this might be just the thing you need! This DIY tutorial will walk you through the process of creating your very own wall
21 Mar 2014

Lord of the Rings – Glow in the Dark Cross-Stitch by Pickelpants

Lord of the Rings – Mines of Moria This craft is a must do for any fan of Lord of the Rings! The classic entrance to the great Mines of Moria with the words “Speak Friend and
21 Mar 2014

DIY Minecraft Glowstone by Kipkay

Minecraft Glowstone Looking for a simple(ish) craft for the minecraft fan in your house? Then this Minecraft glowstone is just the thing! There is of course the electronic parts, but those are available on Kipkays website for
24 Sep 2013

Hand Made Lightsaber

I’ve always wanted my very own hand made lightsaber, and now I can have it! Kind of. Obviously it isn’t an exact copy of on screen blades wielded by Jedi’s. But it IS capable of dealing some
19 Sep 2013

TARDIS Sewing Box by Allhailskippy

I always seem to forget to show my own stuff off here. Here’s the last thing I made on my main channel, a TARDIS sewing box! It turned out really well, and I use it all the
3 Sep 2013

Ramona Flowers Star Purse by Toenolla

I was asked a long time ago if I would make a Ramona Flowers Star purse. I’ve always been meaning to get to it, but it looks like it’s already been made. And a super cool version
31 Jul 2013

Death Star Pinata by EastCoastMommy

Where was this when I was young enough to enjoy smashing open pinata’s. Ok, I’m not fooling anyone, I still love smashing open pinatas, especially death star pinatas, but the kids at the party don’t like it
23 Jul 2013

Weasley Family Clock by GinnyLovegood1

This simply craft lets you create your very own Weasley family clock. It’s basically just a template you cut out, and attach together with some tape (although I’d recommend a glue stick for the faces) and a