Chewbacca Seat Belt by TheCommonRoom

Who doesn’t want to drive in style! This Chewbacca seat belt not only looks awesome, it saves lives! Ok, so it doesn’t REALLY save lives, but it can still look super cool over the thing that does the life saving.

Not only can you use it on seat belts, but since it’s made with velcro, you can attach this baby to pretty much anything with a strap. That means purses, guitar straps, back packs or whatever you can think of that comes with a strap! Ok, admittedly those are the only things I can think of with a strap, but I’m sure someone will figure out another use for this. It’s just too cool 🙂

Chewbacca seat belt

Attaching with velcro, this strap not only adds style but comfort! It can also be used on a messenger bag, guitar strap, back pack, or anything else you can think of with a strap!

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