Video Game Cross Stitching by Per Fhager

Video Game Cross Stitching is the stitch

I’ve been a long time cross sticher. Like 25+ years long. I love the craft, but for some reason I hadn’t really mixed my love of cross stitching with my love of video games until quite recently. Why? I have no idea, it just hadn’t occurred to me. Per Fhager however has turned video game cross stitching into an art (literally.. he’s had some of his work up in an art gallery). Knowing how long these things take, I can only say WOW. Each piece has hours and hours poured into them. How anybody could sell one of these is beyond me, which is why I typically only sell the patterns on Etsy.

Video Game Cross Stitching

I’ve been playing video games since I started going to school. I was instantly fascinated by the movement, music, colours, sheer challenge and above all the graphics. I remember being completely mesmerized by the pixel aesthetics and could spent hours with my nose almost touching the TV-screen, copying sprites onto graph paper. Since then the unique world of video games has influenced and inspired my creative expression. I have a textile background based on a genuine interest in many techniques found within the field, including needle point which is related to embroidery. In my early teens I experimented with needle point designs based on video game pixel graphics, and about ten years later I once more made the connection which led up to my first piece which was finalised in 2008. I soon realised this would only be the first of many scenes from video games I wanted to recreate in this way.

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