Pac Man Board Pattern by Sam McDougall

This Pac Man Board pattern will help from being bored

As classic video games go, Pac-Man’s way up at the top of most lists. Even if it doesn’t have the seemingly endless amount of choices games like Skyrim or Fallout have to offer, it’s still a fun game to play nowadays. Sam McDougall has put together a pattern you can use to bring this classic from the screen to your clothing. Now he doesn’t include the Pac Man Board Pattern in a specific pattern. Just the pattern for the board itself, so if you want to actually make something with this, you’ll either need to apply it to an existing pattern, or send Sam an email to and ask her about the hat pattern she used to show this pattern off.

Pac Man Board Pattern

With this chart, you can create many objects from throw pillows, to blankets, to a very slouchy hat!

The Game Board chart is blank so that you may put the ‘pieces’ wherever you wish! Each ghost & gobbler are a 5×5 chart and fit anywhere on the board to make each project one of a kind!

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