iPhone Cases – Iconic Characters by GamerPrint

I don’t personally own an iPhone (I’m currently stuck with a BlackBerry for a bit), but if I did, this is exactly the type of case I’d want for it. Lots of protection, and some serious geek cred.

These iconic designs are simple, yet elegant. They capture the essence of the games they’re supposed to represent incredibly well. At least all of them but the sonic one. I guess it makes sense, but I couldn’t figure it out just by looking at it. That being said, I’m a Mario guy, not so much a Sonic Guy.

These cases are from the UK, but they ship worldwide and run at £22.00 ($34USD).

Iconic Character iPhone Cases

Of course you may be asking “what does this have to do with crafts? Well if I were going to have this, I’d want to make them myself. There are plenty of blank iPhone cases you can buy, and create your very own iconic case for your phone.

Made from temperature resistant high grade hard polymer used on the space shuttle, our cases are both durable and lightweight. The design is wrapped around the edges of the case to provide an all-over print.

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