DIY Legend of Zelda Fierce Deity Sword

Double the ways to make the Fierce Deity Sword

While not my favourite Zelda title ever, the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask certainly has a lot of cool content to come out of it. There’s obviously the iconic mask, which has been made in LOTS of different ways. However I’ve only ever seen the Fierce Deity sword show up twice. The first is by OrangeSpy121, and he shows us how to build this blade for around 15-20 dollars. It looks great, and looks like something I’d be able to make myself.

The second place I’ve seen this sword is by AweMe’s Man at Arms: Reforged. They always make the coolest, most realistic props. But seeing as I’ve not got my own metalworking shop available, I think making one of theirs will be out of my reach. Of course, even with all the tools, I’m also lacking a boatload of experience they’ve got, so I’ll just leave this kind of prop to the experts.

Fierce Deity Sword

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