Battlestar Lego Ship

I’ve recently started re-watching BSG, and am just as impressed with the series the second time around. I’m also just catching up on Caprica as I go, so I’m starting to put a couple of theories together on how the whole thing fits together. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with the nerdcraft today. Today I bring you a battlestar lego ship! The Valkryie to be precise. And it is an amazing feat of engineering. Not quite as grand a scale as the insane x-wing I brought you the other day, but still VERY impressive for a hobbyist.

This lego build is over 100 pounds and over 3 meters long and a meter wide. It’s also made from over 40,000 pieces! Garry built this over the course of 5 months and sadly when he tried to get some photos of the underbelly, it gave into its own mass and ended up all over the garage floor.

Battlestar Lego Ship

This is all Lego from stem to stern. When I thought to build this one it was going to be much smaller than it is. Spending a lot of time over a 5 month period ( did not do a time count) and many constructions and deconstructions while the build continued, To strengthen its structure I added an 8 stud wide x 6 plates high and 2.4meters long strap down the middle of the ship to act as it’s back bone.

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