TARDIS Sewing Box by Allhailskippy

I always seem to forget to show my own stuff off here. Here’s the last thing I made on my main channel, a TARDIS sewing box! It turned out really well, and I use it all the time for my sewing gear.

Up until now I have been making videos of crafts that were inspired by others, and then engineered by myself. Or at least were heavily influenced by an existing thing. My chewbacca domo for example while being a completely original design, was still based on an existing stuffed domo.

That’s changed with my TARDIS sewing box. I’ve been fighting with a way to keep all of my sewing gear in the same spot, and I have looked at all kinds of different places to find something that didn’t look like it was made for an old lady who really enjoyed floral patterns.

After months of fruitless searching, I had still found nothing. But I’m a DIY guy. I got this.. but the question was “what should I make?”. So many options to choose from, what should I do?

Inspiration hit when I was at my sisters. What seems like forever ago, I had made her a case for her Barbies out of plastic canvas. It’s after I saw that, that I decided to make a TARDIS.

So I sat down and started designing. And designing. And then some more desigining. But eventually I had a pattern to work from.

A mere 43 hours later (over several days) I had myself my very own TARDIS!

Sadly it isn’t bigger on the inside, but it is big enough to hold my scissors, and pretty much any other sewing essentials I’ll need to travel with. The only real down side is that it’s actually pretty large.. so it isn’t quite as portable as I’d like, but I’m still pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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