Doctor Who TARDIS Cat Fort

As a lover of both Doctor Who and Cats, this TARDIS cat fort has to be one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a long time. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s practical too. If I had the space in my place, I’d definitely give this a try. Sadly my apartment is not larger on the inside, so I’ll just have to enjoy the pics of this in someone else’s home for now.

TARDIS Cat Fort Interior

So I finished Kaylee’s TARDIS Playhouse last night. My wife and I brought it up from the basement with almost no issues. We had Kaylee hidden away in the back room so we could put it in place. She was very concerned when she first saw it but quickly realized it was a really big box to play around in and on. I had to piece the carpet interior because the remnant we bought wasn’t actually enough to it proper but I figure she will pretty much destroy the interior anyway. Oh, and the lock is just three pieces of .040 styrene that we scored on one of our vinyl cutting plotters . I glued the pieces together and used putty to get the edges smooth.


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