Death Star Pinata by EastCoastMommy

Where was this when I was young enough to enjoy smashing open pinata’s. Ok, I’m not fooling anyone, I still love smashing open pinatas, especially death star pinatas, but the kids at the party don’t like it very much, and the parents get all angry about having an “uninvited guest”. Bah.

But seriously, this idea is awesome! If I’m ever in need of a smashable object full of candy, I’m definitely going to be making one of these (and get some revenge for Alderaan)!

Death Star Pinata

Don’t all kids love Pinatas? What’s not to love about something you break open to create a downpour of candy? So… for my son’s 7th birthday I made a “Death Star” pinata. Didn’t it turn out great? It wasn’t hard to make, but I will warn you, it is time consuming.

  1. 11 years ago

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