Giant Lego Darth Vader

This Lego Darth Vader takes the mini out of the mini-fig

SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. SSSHHH HOHHHHHH. As a fan of both Star Wars, and Lego, I love seeing both mixed together. I’m still working on getting that 100% of the complete lego star wars. So many gold bricks! This Lego Darth Vader Instructable by Seamster while not particularly helpful for actually making one yourself, since there’s no pattern, does show the process they went through to create this gigantic beasty. And it’s not just a shell either. This lego darth vader can be posed and taken apart, just like a real lego mini-fig.. minus the mini. I know that if I made one of these, I’d be super reluctant to let any kids near the thing, but that’s just me.

Lego Darth Vader

This Lego Darth Vader is made primarily from foam core, which I purchased from a picture framing shop. You can find foam core at Walmart as well as most office supply stores. I also used some brown craft paper and thin painter’s masking paper, both of which I got at my local hardware store. I also used some flat single-ply cardboard, craft foam, and some other basic materials.

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