Geek Art Mashup by Mikeatron

This geek art mixup artist has got it together

Who you gonna call? Well if you’re looking for some cool looking mashed up geek art, then you should think about giving artist Mikeatron a ring. He has a way of mixing up geeky themes that not only looks great, but are amusing at the same time. His art includes things like a piranha plant from Super Mario mixed with Nyan cat PacMan ghosts mixed with Ghostbusters and Beebop and Rocksteady as Calvin and Hobbes.

Be sure to checkout Mikeatron’s full portfolio for a huge dose of nerdy goodness.

Geek Art - Ghostbusters

In need of a splash of color with your Geek Art, Agents of Geek has you covered. We Tumbld upon the art of Mikeatron recently and fell in love with his combination of explosive colors and dark humor. While searching his blog we uncovered some amazing geek art from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, The Legend of Zelda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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