DIY Iron On Patches by PaulTheDIYGuy

Way back in the day, iron on patches were all the rage. Ok, well maybe they didn’t have the popularity of snap bracelets or pogs, but they were still pretty dang cool. I always wanted to have some, but never seemed to actually get around to doing them. I’ve also been a cross stitcher for well over a decade, and it wasn’t until this year that I finally had the moment of clarity. I can make my own iron on patches!

So I did some asking around at my local fabric store, and it turns out there’s a product that will let me do exactly that. Some heavy duty iron on adhesive. Now I’ve got pretty nearly an unlimited supply of options for putting on pretty much any fabric I can find. I’m definitely looking forward to decking out my bags with some pretty retro gear.

Hi I’m Paul, and you’re watching That’s PS! Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own Iron On patches by using cross stitch!

DIY Iron On Patches

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