Woodgrain Laptop by Fine and Feathered

I’m always on the lookout for neat things to do with my laptop. I’d love to have something, but I’m never sure what I’d like well enough to actually add some stickers to it. This woodgrain cover may be it though. My only real concern is what happens if I accidentally the sticker. If it comes off easy, than great. If it leaves a sticky mess, I’d be less than happy.

Either way, I’m going to file this under “might try it later”.

Woodgrain Laptop

When I was wandering through the dollar store the other day I came across this super amazing wood-grain contact paper. and was completely smitten! I knew I needed to find something to cover it with – pronto!

Enter, my lapytop. This poor beast is old, makes a crazy fan-sound whenever it’s on, and can’t really handle doing more than one tast – but it works! and that’s all that really counts. Until this morning it was covered in all sorts of bumper stickers to hide the numerous dents and scratches. But after a some scraping, a little goo-be-gone and a date with some contact paper – it’s unique and cute again and makes me smile!

So, I had plenty of photos of the entire process, but my camera is also an old and quirky beast and has taken to randomly deleting photos, which it decided to do half-way through the whole DIY process, so sorry! (donations to the Josie-gets-a-new-camera fund are greatly appreciated – JUST KIDDING!:) So I will attempt to explain things better then I normally do…

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