Amigurumi Discworld – Plush Toy – By PlanetJune

I absolutely love Terry Pratchett’s discworld series. A friend of mine received a copy of one of his books as part of a reddit secret santa in 2010, and after reading it gave it to me. It was one of the few books that has ever made me literally laugh out loud at it. I’ve since read every discworld book I could get my hands on, and almost all of his other books too (Johnny and the Bomb, Truckers, Diggers, Wings and a few others).

This craft is a fantastic representation of what I think of when I think of the discworld. The elephants sit just right in between the disc and the turtle.

It’s one thing for a fan to make some fan art, but to have the creator see it, and comment is pretty amazing. Which is exactly what happened to PlanetJune. She sent a request to Terry’s agent, and the response from the agent was “He gave a quiet laugh and said, ‘Well, if you’re going to crochet Discworld then that’s the way to do it!’”

Amigurumi Discworld

The idea to make a crocheted Discworld has been running around inside my head ever since. I thought it would make a wonderful art piece, so I’ve been slowly designing and assembling the pieces to create my Discworld model. I made sure the size for my small elephant design would fit on the turtle’s back… I spent hours studying, sketching, simplifying and photoshopping the Discworld Mapp so I could recreate it in cotton yarn (and my process for that would take up a whole post by itself)…

And, finally, today it has all come together with the finishing touches to the fourth elephant. Drumroll please… In honour of the genius of Terry Pratchett and his books

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